Sloth by Sveinbjorn Thordarson

Sloth is a native Mac application that shows all open files and sockets used by all running processes on your system. This makes it easy to check which applications are using which files and sockets.

Features include

  • Display of all open files, directories, IP sockets, devices, Unix domain sockets and pipes
  • Filter by Names, Access Modes, Volumes, Types, Locations or using regular expressions
  • Sort by Name, Process ID, UserID, Process Type, Packet ID, etc.
  • Displays IP socket status, protocol and version
  • View sockets and pipes that have been established between processes
  • Inspect window with detailed MacOS and Unix file/socket/process information
  • Powerful contextual menu for working with files
  • Run as root with in-app authentication
  • Native Objective-C/Cocoa application that is very fast and responsive

Based on the "lsof" command line tool, Sloth is essentially a friendly, exploratory GUI. Output is parsed and displayed in a searchable, filterable outline view with lots of useful extras.

Download Sloth

Sloth has a home on GitHub and is free open source software. For a very long time (since 2004) it has been continuously developed and maintained. Please make a donation if you find it useful.

The latest version is available for download here: