Platypus by Sveinbjorn Thordarson

Platypus is a developer tool that allows you to create native Mac applications from command line scripts such as shell scripts or programs written in Python, Perl, Ruby, Tcl, JavaScript and PHP. This is done by wrapping the script in a MacOS application bundle. The bundle includes an application binary that runs the script.

Platypus makes it easy to share your scripts and applications with people who may not be familiar with the command line interface. With a few clicks you can create native, easy-to-use applications. Platypus makes it easy to create installers, droplets, administrative applications, logins, status menus, launchers and automations.

Platypus Features

  • Support for shell scripts, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Swift, Expect, Tcl, AWK, JavaScript, Dart, AppleScript or any other custom interpreter
  • Applications can display graphical feedback of script execution as a progress bar, a text window with script output, a droplet, a WebKit HTML rendering, or a status item menu.
  • Applications can receive dragged and dropped files or snippets of text. These are then passed to the script as arguments.
  • Apps can use the MacOS Security Framework to run scripts with root privileges
  • Applications can register to handle URI schemes and send user notifications
  • Applications can be configured to run in the background (using the LSUIElement)
  • Set a custom icon for the application or choose from predefined icons
  • Set the file types, identifier, version, author, etc. associated with the application
  • Provides a graphical interface for bundling support files with the script
  • Automation and build process integration command line tool
  • "Store application configurations using "profiles
  • Integrated script editor or link to external editor of choice
  • Get started quickly with extensive documentation and many built-in examples
  • Native Objective-C/Cocoa application that is fast and responsive


Platypus is free open source software distributed under the terms of the BSD Triple License. It has been continuously maintained and developed since 2003. The source code of Platypus is available on GitHub.


The latest version is Platypus 5.4.1. It was released on 22 October 2022. Platypus and applications generated by Platypus require MacOS 10.11 or later and are Universal 64-bit Intel/ARM binaries. Apple Developer ID is signed on the main Platypus application and the command line tool.

Download from this link: